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Film / Artwork Conversion

We can convert films, hand-taped artwork, paper drawings or the actual PCB into a database from which gerber files, CNC drill files, and other important data can be generated.

The benefits of converting your films:
  • Pads, traces, hole count and size, and dimensions all verified 100%.
  • Achieve 100% layer-to-layer registration.
  • Revisions can be easily incorporated into artwork.
  • Design rule checks will be administered to ensure error free artwork.
  • Component X-Y data for automatic insertion equipment provided.
  • Assembly and fabrication drawings can be provided in any format.
  • ICT data can be extracted.
  • IPC-D 356 netlist can be generated for bare board testing.
Required Information for Film/Artwork conversion quotation:
  • Original artwork films, hand-taped artwork, copies of artwork or the actual unpopulated circuit board.
  • Desired delivery